Find your beautiful.

As a wife, mother, and woman, I know what it's like to look in the mirror and see nothing but flaws. I know how it feels to see only my imperfections, my pain, my stress, my struggles and my doubts. For so long, I struggled to see myself as beautiful and to know my true worth. I had issues figuring out who I was in this world and what my purpose should be. Through his patience, encouragement, and love, it was my husband who helped me to discover all this beauty that had been hiding behind the stress. 

As I began to unfold from the lies of the mirror, I discovered a dormant passion for creativity inside of me. Photography soon became one of the many expressions by which I sought out beauty--I found it and called it my own. One of my favorite parts of this unique creative process has been capturing the extravagant beauty of both women and men who have felt ordinary, average, and un-photogenic. It is so life-giving to watch them "find their beautiful," just like I found mine.

Photo by Chrysies

A Bit About Jasmine

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Residence: Knoxville, TN
Hobbies: Singing, poetry and reading.
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV
Interesting Tidbits: I'm an 80's baby! I love lions and horses. I'm a huge germophobe. I'm not crazy about girly stuff but I love fashion. I get a kick out of being silly and I am a fan of romance.
My Perfect Day: Laying in a big comfy bed in my pajamas, eating Milano milk chocolate cookies with milk. Pair that with watching favorite shows like, Game of Thrones or playing my X Box.

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